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Bay & Bow Windows Dublin Meath

In our house, we have a great room with a little portative organ and a harpsichord. When we started planning our interior design, I decided that one of the things I really wanted was to make our music area as special as possible. We didn’t have any extra space in the room, so we ended up choosing to install a sparkling new bay window. It juts out, so it actually gives us more interior space. And it fills the room with views of the landscaping beyond, reflected in its angled panes. The harpsichord curves nicely into the nook formed by the new bay window, and beckons us to come and play.

“A new bow or bay window immediately becomes the focal point for the home,” says Sven Kramer, National Sales Manager of Stanek® Windows, by Great Day Improvements, LLC. “This is not just another window. It consists of a shell that projects outside the home and contains three or more panels of windows. A bow or bay window completely transforms both the interior and the exterior of the home.”

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