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Residential Doors

We offer a range of external door products, many of them can be with you within 48-72 hours but other specialist products take longer.
New external doors are all at once a statement and a barrier to the outside world. But in addition to being stylish and sturdy, they should also create a welcoming first impression.

From bright, bespoke exterior doors, to contemporary white PVC front and back doors, you have an opportunity to add your own unique look to your property.
A new external door is all about form and function. Designed for safety and security, these doors also retain warmth and add aesthetic – and monetary – value to a building.

We live and breath doors – in your home or out – we will help you discover what you need.

• Find great quality doors, at the best price;
• Get to know our huge product range;
• And understand how to measure doors before ordering.

Our experience has been built over several decades under our belts sourcing and installing doors, we can advise you that choosing a new door will almost always be compromise between cost, quality and style, be assured, you come to the right place.

Commercial Doors

Made famous by our Ultra Steel Door, we are renowned for holding the largest range and quantity of external security doors for residential, commercial and industrial uses, at the Ireland’s best prices. All of our personnel doors and fire exit doors are fully customisable, with a choice of colours, security upgrades, glazing, louvres and access devices, such as code locks.

We proudly maintain that our steel security doors are manufactured using only galvanised steel. Beware of other steel doors made from untreated material, as simply put, they will inevitably rust no matter the finish.

We also offer custom made steel doors to any size and certification. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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We offer a wide and diverse range of security doors and windows, as well as, panic rooms, which are designed and manufactured in accordance with all the established standards of safety and visual designs and aesthetics. Not only our products equip your home and office spaces with sufficient security and safety, but these also beautify your living and working space. With Fort Engineering high security doors, windows and panic rooms, you can provide sufficient protection to your property, yourself and your family, while enhancing your interiors.

At Fort Engineering, we employ the expertise of our qualified experts to design, deliver and install tough and solid doors, windows and panic rooms to protect you from all kinds of threats and dangers. Your comfort, safety and peace of mind are our foremost priorities and we offer our complete assistance to help ensure the installation and application of all the necessary measures in domestic and commercial environments to fulfil these purposes. Our premium quality products are available in a wide range of design and meet all the specifications of adequate safety and security.

All our products are manufactured and delivered in accordance with the established values of quality assurance and customer satisfaction and three major areas of our security products concern the manufacture of:

  • High security doors
  • Bulletproof windows
  • Panic Rooms

We pride ourselves in conforming to all the standards of authentic and effective customer service as we deliver to you, high quality and certified security products which are properly tested for functionality in diversified environments. All our products are designed by our experts to display high degree of resilience with an elegant and stylish appearance on the outside.

We give due importance to your priorities and preferences and therefore, we tailor our products to suit your individual needs and requirements. We design these to look as you want them and manufacture our products to provide a level a security as required by you. Offering a wide range of security doors, windows and panic rooms, we aim at providing your with complete protection and stylising your home and office interiors according to modern and contemporary standards.

We offer you with the best and our experts and professionals are dedicated to ensure your security and safety at all times. We work to make your homes and offices more secure and comfortable for you and our experts render their complete assistance regarding the selection of security products from our top quality range and their installation. Our products excel in quality and are matchless in terms of design and visual appearance. Refined and finished to perfection, these themselves speak of their premium quality and unparalleled functionality.

From wood to metal finishes, our products are available to suit a variety of interiors and offer different levels of security, as required and requested by you.

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Palladio composite doors

The Palladio Door Collection offers you the choice of 26 stunning styles & designs in fabulous colours to compliment your home.

Available in 10 Individual Colours

Your new composite door can be as individual as you like. You can choose from 10 unique external composite door colours including; Anthracite Grey, Blue, Bog Oak, Chartwell, Green, Light Oak, Red, Rosewood and White
Unique monocoque structure
We have a superior range of composite doors uniquely designed with a monocoque structure (as opposed to being foam filled) and reinforced with 65mm of fiberglass resulting in incomparable strength and resistance.
Looks like a real timber door

The Palladio Door Collection begins its life as a real timber door, we place a gel mould over the timber door and transfer that grain detail onto the Palladio Door range. Each door has a renolit foil finish (NOT painted) which means that not only does each door have an impeccable appearance it is paired with durability.

Double rebated as standard

Not only is the Palladio Door Collection double rebated as standard (most doors are only single rebated), all glass units in the doors are triple glazed as standard and made in house which proves our dedication to providing a thermal efficient state of the art door.

This also means that we have been able to match our sidelight glass designs to the units in our doors perfectly but they can also be altered where necessary giving our customers artistic license over their glass design.

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Multi-functional, secure and stylish; bi-fold doors are designed for both domestic and commercial properties.


Bi-fold doors are suitable for a range of applications including: extensions, conservatories, entrance doors and room dividers.

Manufactured from high-performance aluminium systems, bi-fold doors offer excellent levels of durability, security and aesthetic appeal.

Featuring both a folding and sliding opening facility, bi-fold doors are designed to create extra space and unrestricted access to and from the property. The slim aluminium profile, combined with large glazing areas, allows for maximum light exposure and offers extended views of the garden or surrounding area.

Security & Durability:

Manufactured at our onsite aluminium fabrication facility, bi-fold doors are mechanically strong, secure and durable. Doors are fitted to a double roller-track system, ensuring that the door panels remain safely and securely in place.

Multi-point locking systems are fitted as standard to all doors, ensuring only the highest levels of safety and security for your home. High-performance hardware and components further ensures the mechanical performance and longevity of the door.

A range of bespoke door furniture is also available including a flush/pop-out handle; designed for multi-panel stacking and visual appeal whilst still maintaining the overall security of the door.

Energy Performance:

Aluminium offers excellent levels of thermal performance, and when combined with high-performance double and triple glazed units, ensures that bi-fold doors can achieve U-values as low as 1.6 w/m2K.

Styles & Finishes:

Designed for maximum aesthetic appeal, bi-fold doors feature a smooth flush finish, and are a contemporary alternative to patio or French doors.

Bi-fold doors are manufactured to specific customer size and style requirements, and are available with multiple panels, ranging from 2 to 7 folding panels. Door panels open out as standard and can be stacked to the left or right or split stacked to both sides for extra convenience.

Doors can be coloured on one or both sides and are available in a range of finishes including: white, black, grey, light grey, brown and cream.

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Lift & Slide products are designed to maximise glazing area to flood your room with natural light and provide uninterrupted sightlines of your surrounding views. Choose from hundreds of colours to match your design tastes.

Despite its large dimensions, lift and slide doors are extremely comfortable to use, while their huge glazed areas provide the room with even greater amount of natural light. When in open position the doors do not occupy additional space in the room. They enhance visual space of the room.

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uPVC French Doors give you a bright opening onto your garden during the summer and maximum light during the winter. It is as practical as it is elegant. Available in a range of colours, glass options and finishes uPVC French Doors are the safe, secure, stylish and durable way to protect your home.

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“ Quality Services & Excellent Work!”

Thanks Paul. Rep came out and said he will get a new pane of glass to you to refit but it will probably take about 3-4 weeks. He reckons it was a sticker on the glass or something like that.  Thanks for your professional approach on this issue. It’s says a lot about a contractor when he can get a man out so quickly when a problem occurs.  We certainly got the right guys to fit our windows and door.


Would recommend Kenny windows 💯 fantastic job done in no time no mess left after the work is finished.


Great service quality service quick and reliable workers


Quality work, great value, brilliant customer service.


Delighted with my new patio door. Unbeatable value and expert installation.