The tilt and turn window and door design moves away from the way ordinary windows or doors function in that, by using a specialised hinge system, a tilt & turn unit can be opened in two ways:

Inward tilting window casement or door panel.
Inward opening window casement or door panel.
(Casement is just a fancy name for the opening & closing section of a window)

tilt and turn windowsThe key feature of this design is the tilt – the specialised hinges allow the window to “lean” inwards from the top (hinged at the bottom), very similar to a hopper style window.

For safety reasons the angle of inward lean is mechanically limited. If you do not want to use the tilt function, then the window or door can be opened as normal.

However, bear in mind the primary opening direction is always inwards for both windows & doors. Not usually a problem as most residential doors open inwards, but with a window this function could, in some cases, interfere with your window blinds or curtains – so take care where you fit your drapes, vertical or horizontal blinds.

This dual method of opening brings an additional level of functionality, as well as offering great appearance matched with ease of use and low maintenance.

These windows and doors are not only appealing in the visual sense but also meet todays’ energy saving demands and add excellent levels of security to a property.


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