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We offer fast and efficient services concerned with the designing, manufacture, delivery and installation of safe and secure doors, bullet proof windows and panic rooms. We are dedicated towards ensuring your home and office security and to fulfil this purpose, all our doors and windows are constructed in accordance with the modern and established standards of security and visual aesthetics.

Our security and safety services and products can be relied upon to protect you and your property from numerous potential threats and damages. All of our products are manufactured using the best quality materials and are tested for various functionalities before these are provided to you. Hence, we provide you with certified high security doors, windows and panic rooms that can ably shield you and your home and office spaces.

Our security products are modified and tailored to suit your home and office interiors and individual choices, and we give foremost priority to your security and needs, rendering our services to allay your safety concerns. From sound insulated and heat insulated doors to bulletproof windows and assistance for the quick and proper installation of our premium quality security products, at Fort Engineering, we offer all that can make your home and office spaces more secure and safe.

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We offer a wide range of security doors, designed and manufactured to fulfil the security requirements of all security levels. All our security doors are highly effective in preventing the occurrence of any break-in, invasion, burglary or other such incidents and are certified security products, which can be easily installed in various domestic and commercial environments.

Tailored to suit your requirements and preferences, through the manufacture of high quality and resilient security doors, we provide you with top quality security solutions and have emerged as a leading security products and services provider entity in the UK market. All our doors are designed and constructed to meet the established industry standards and are created using the best quality materials. We integrate modern technology and techniques with the extensive experience and knowledge of our experts and deliver to you high security doors that are constructed and designed according to your individual needs and preferences.

We work through a team of highly experienced professionals who have been a part of the security industry for over 20 years. Consequently, we are able to design and deliver high security doors that are reliable and can be trusted to provide you with foolproof security. We manufacture doors that incorporate aesthetic values with high functionality and utility.

The four major types of security doors that we manufacture and deliver include:

Secure by Design

Displaying high resilience, this door offers sufficient security against burglary and is resistant to all the tools used for theft and break-ins.

Fort Standard

Manufactured to meet all the demands of thermal and sound insulation, this can be an ideal high security door to be installed in domestic spaces. Its bent metal construction makes it highly resilient and durable, providing your homes with a secure shield. Finished to perfection, the door is made using waterproof finish which provides it with sufficient protection from potential external damage and makes its highly durable. It has been constructed to retain its original appearance even after significant mechanical damage.

Fort standard 2

Certified by IFT Rosenheim laboratory in Germany, this door offers complete security against theft and burglary. It has been put to exhaustive testing to ensure its resilience to all the possible methods and techniques of burglary. It offers secondary level of security and has been tested and certified by renowned laboratories for its functionality and resilience.

Fort Premium

This door has a unique design and employs a specialised construction technique for ensuring high level security. It is highly resilient and offers high degree of security.

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We offer a wide range of highly secure and bulletproof windows which can be used in diverse environments including domestic as well as commercial environments. At Fort Engineering, we have a modern and stylish range of security windows which may not only enhance the safety and security of your home and office spaces, but may also add visual appeal to your interiors.

Our windows are designed to protect you and your property from any kind of potential threats, such as burglary, and meet all the stated standards of safety and security. These are premium quality safety shields and are highly durable, being able to withstands tough and hard external conditions.

Available in a variety of designs, materials and finishes, our secure and bulletproof windows can easily blend into diverse environments and offer a dependable and longer lasting solution for the safety and security of your property.

Our security windows meet all the standards of premium quality and high functionality and utility. These have been designed to meet all the demands of high security, equipping your properties with the applications of high degree of safety and security. All our windows are designed and created using the modern methods and techniques of construction and designing which makes them unparalleled in terms of design and quality.

We manufacture and deliver bespoke designs for high security and bullet proof windows which are a part of our versatile and top quality range of security products offered at Fort Engineering. These are made integrating the expertise and skills of our experienced engineers and modern technology, which makes these a leading choice in the UK market.

Our experts and professionals are always available to help and guide you in the selection of a suitable security window from our wide and versatile range. Our entire range of security windows is carefully designed and meets all the established standards of safety, security and protection.

We understand the importance of installing your home and office spaces with bulletproof and strong and resilient windows, as windows are one of the spots that are mostly commonly used for break-ins and unwanted intrusions. Therefore, we provide you with windows that are designed to provide you with high degree of safety and security and can adequately shield your property against any potential damages and thefts. Installing our high security windows in your home and office spaces you can ensure the prevention of any potential threats of theft and burglary.

We pride ourselves in being able to develop and deliver windows that display a high degree of resistance against the use of various tool that are used for intrusions and break-ins. From hammers to chisels and even bullets, windows provided at Fort Engineering can withstand the pressure from all such tools and equipment.

We offer a diverse range of top notch quality security windows and our experts are always available to advise and assist you in the selection of a suitable window of your choice.

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We are experts at planning, manufacturing and installing panic and safe rooms. Through the construction and installation of highly effective and premium quality panic rooms in your homes and offices, we aim at adding an additional layer of security and provide to with safety solutions in case of emergencies and urgencies.

Our experts realise the growing importance and demand for panic rooms and they employ their skills and experience to design, construct and install panic rooms giving foremost priority to your requirements and convenience. We take under consideration all the requirements of safety and security during the planning and construction of panic rooms to provide you with an ultra-safe location within your homes, in case of a sudden intrusion or break-in.

At Fort Engineering, we use robust, high resistance and premium quality materials for the construction of panic rooms in order to make these as safe and secure as possible. Incorporating modern technology with the experience and expertise of our professionals, we are able to build panic rooms which offer high degree of security and protection.

Our panic rooms are highly secure spaces protected from all sides and virtually impregnable. Installed with a high resistance and heavy door for entrance, once locked it is almost impossible for an intruder to break into a panic room.

With the growing realisation about the utility of panic rooms, these have now become an essential component of many architectural designs and plans. Hence, we provide complete assistance regarding the construction and installation of highly safe and secure panic rooms that serve as the most secure locations inside your homes and can be of great use in cases emergencies. Panic rooms provide an abode in case of sudden intrusions and serve as a safe haven for you and your families.

Our panic rooms are designed and manufactured in conformity to all the standards of high degree of safety and security, which are taken care of at all stages from planning to designing, construction and installation.

We help you add an extra layer of security to your homes through the deliverance of our expert services for the construction and development of panic rooms inside your homes. We assess the plans and designs of your houses and select an ideal position for the placement of panic rooms, ensuring that it is secure from all sides and has only a single entry point. Usually panic rooms are centrally located and our engineers and experts take under consideration all the relevant aspects and factors before starting the construction and installation of panic rooms inside your homes. Hence, we are able to deliver you with safety and security solutions having optimum utility and functionality.

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Thanks Paul. Rep came out and said he will get a new pane of glass to you to refit but it will probably take about 3-4 weeks. He reckons it was a sticker on the glass or something like that.  Thanks for your professional approach on this issue. It’s says a lot about a contractor when he can get a man out so quickly when a problem occurs.  We certainly got the right guys to fit our windows and door.


Would recommend Kenny windows 💯 fantastic job done in no time no mess left after the work is finished.


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